Valhalla is MSRA Odin’s old member association, set up in 2018. Valhalla serves to keep current Odin members in contact with old members, and to support the association through advice and donations.  The Valhalla board consists of Odin alumni and regularly meets with the current Odin board. Together, they seek a sustainable improvement of our association and the completion of its long-term goals.

Do you wish to become a member of Valhalla, or do you wish to reach out to those involved, please send an email to .


To grow as an association, MSRA Odin relies on the support of several affiliates. Of course, we are always open to look for ways of engaging with new collaborators. To get more information about working together with Odin, please contact us at


Roosevelt’s All Student Association (RASA) cooperates with Odin on several events, such as the Introweek for new students from the University College Roosevelt. Their site can be found here.

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