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First race

After passing your K1-exam, it is possible to join races. Every October there is a race on the Middelburg Canal in which everyone joins. This race is organized by Honte and therefore free to join for all Odin members, too! The Abeelenrace is thus likely to be your first race, so you can get an impression of what it is like to do rowing on a competitive level. Other races are joined whenever teams are ready and willing to engage in competitions. We are able to borrow the boat-wagon from Rowing Club Honte if the M.S.R.A. Odin board gives permission.


In the rowing world, there are several types and levels of racing. Most first-year rowers decide to join a NOOC competition, which consists of six races. The races take place in spring, with a race held every other week from the beginning of April until June. The distance that has to be rowed varies per race, so sprinting and endurance are both tested.   
Competition races for novices are rowed in a coxed C4, meaning that you will have a team of 4 rowers and a steer. For more experienced rowers, there are competitions in coxed as well as coxless boats. But perhaps even more important than the actual races are the parties held afterwards. Competition rowing is therefore know as a combination between fun races and what student life is all about: partying!


The so to say “real races” are in comparison to competition rowing a lot more serious and performance-oriented. Race rowers dedicate much time to training, as first-year crews train up to 8 times a week. Although this might not sound appealing to many, race rowing is a truly unique experience. Since it is the highest level of rowing within most student rowing clubs, race rowers are allowed to use the best boats and licensed coaches. On top of that, race rowing motivates students to plan more effectively, causing race rowers to often do well at both rowing and in university. Moreover, teams that race together is likely to form close friendships that will last even after the racing season is over. Most important in race rowing is of course winning! Winning a race is very prestigious, as it requires great amounts of practice and dedication. Because of this, other members are always encouraged to cheer on each other at races, which are fun to watch and have a very nice atmosphere. Allez Odin!

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