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Rowing at Odin

The most important part of Odin is of course our beloved sport: rowing. At our club, you can row at any level you like. Some members choose to do leisure rowing, which resolves around fun and does not require strict rules or very frequent trainings. However, we also encourage our members to become competitive rowers who join races or competitions on a national level (see our page about Races). We believe that races are what makes rowing most fun, as it enables you to show your technique, stamina, and hard work to the rest of the country. Of course, every member is free to determine for themselves the amount of times he/she wants to join training sessions and whether or not to practice for races.

Training sessions

Standard training sessions are on Monday 18:30 and Thursday 18:30. Every Thursday after training there is the possibility to join dinner.

Training sessions are either in-door on the rowing machines, or out-door on the water. The latter takes about two hours, in-door training takes one to one and a half hour. The Monday in-door training turns into a beach training every two weeks. In-door and beach trainings take place in winter, when it is too dark outside to row in the evening, or when the weather does not allow for boat trainings.

As a new member, you will be accompanied by experienced rowers during the first eight weeks of training. After these eight weeks you will take a team exam to prove your capablities. When passing this ‘K1-exam’ members become official rowers, receive their own key to the club and can – from then onwards – go on the water at any time without guidance of an experienced rower.


To optimise the effect of trainings, every team will be assigned a coach, which can either be an experienced rower or a licensed coach depending on the level at which a particular team wishes to perform. If you would like to assist in coaching at M.S.R.A. Odin, we ask you to send an email to

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