Being a member of M.S.R.A. Odin means being a member of the only student rowing association in Zeeland, which is the youngest student rowing club of the Netherlands at the same time. Membership includes the opportunity to follow trainings led by experienced rowers, and the option to join dinners and events. Our aim is to accommodate all our members needs. Whether you like to party or to row seriously whilst simultaneously studying in Zeeland, we will help you to achieve the most out of it. Odin is a close-knit association in which all members know one another and support each other at races. Joining races or competitions also enables you to leave Zeeland and meet students from all over the country!

Membership fee

Odin’s membership fee consists of two parts. The first part of your membership is a yearly contribution to Rowing Club Honte of €180 (€15 per month). The second part of the membership fee is a €30 per semester fee to M.S.R.A. Odin. Additionally, upon becoming a member, you need to pay a one-time €30 registration fee for the KNRB (national rowing association).


As you can see, most of the fee goes to Rowing Club Honte, as Odin is still developing. The money from the semesterly Odin fee mostly goes into buying boats and saving for our eventual own boathouse! Therefore, activities organised by and input from members are highly appreciated.

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