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For Members

Thursday Dinners

Every Thursday after training, Odin members can join dinner at Rowing Club Honte. All members are therefore scheduled to cook once per semester to provide a lovely dinner for their peers. Needless to say, these dinners are followed by drinks or pre-drinks for parties hosted by RASA, the study association of University College Roosevelt.

Odin-Erodios BBQ

Each year at the end of UCR’s Spring semester, which is often at the end of May, Odin organizes a BBQ together with O.M.D. Erodios – a small fraternity in Middelburg. The BBQ is not only open to members of Odin and Erodios, but to all students of UCR.


Traditionally, many student rowing associations host a BBQ for their members at the last race of the rowing season: the NSRF. So of course Odin is organizing a BBQ for its members, too. This event takes place at the beginning of July each year and serves as a good pre-party for the so-called “uittrainingsfeesten” (parties to celebrate that the race rowing season is over). Additionally, the BBQ is a nice way to regain some energy after an entire weekend of rowing or cycling and shouting encouragements.

Formal Christmas Dinner

Before Christmas break, the usual Thursday dinner is replaced by a formal dinner in a restaurant in Middelburg. To this dinner, Odin members and alumni are invited to celebrate the end of Fall semester.

By Members


Many student rowing clubs in the Netherlands organize rowing clinics for high school students, of whom they send the best rowers to the national championship for high school rowing (“schoolroeien”). In Spring 2017, Odin started doing giving clinics as well to students from the Christellijke Scholengemeenschap Walcheren from Middelburg. One boys’ team competed at the national race and became second! So next year, they are hopefully able to claim the first prize.

Watersportdag & Sport kennismakingsdagen

Rowing Club Honte helps each year in the organization of the Middelburgse “Watersportdag”, a day that is all about water sports and activities to promote rowing among the inhabitants of Zeeland. Likewise, they provide rowing clinics for primary school kids to get them acquainted with our sport. Members of Odin therefore often help out at these events, too.


On our own rowing water in Middelburg, the Kanaal door Walcheren, an annual race is held by Rowing Club Honte, which is open to all rowers from within and outside the country. Aside from competing in this race, many Odin members help out in making the race run smoothly by for instance taking care of timing the race.

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