A message from the Praeses

Welcome to the M.S.R.A. Odin website. We are a young student rowing association, founded in 2015, which aims to facilitate rowing for all students in Middelburg and the surrounding area. As such, we currently accommodate rowing for students from University College Roosevelt and Hogeschool Zeeland.

We provide practice, coaching, and the option to participate in competitions. As we are a predominantly international rowing club, all of our activities (with the exception of some rowing instructions) are in English. Odin provides the ability to practice a team sport in a pleasant environment. Moreover, the well-being of all its members is a top priority. However, we are more than just a rowing association – becoming an Odin member means ample opportunities to enjoy student life.  In our short history, our members have enjoyed it through our dinners, races and other social events. A member of Odin is able to combine the best of both worlds. Do not hesitate to see for yourself what Odin is all about – join us at one of our try-outs at the beginning of the semester, shoot us a message (also on Facebook) or, if you happen to see one of us wearing an Odin sweater, come up to us and have a chat. We are always willing to talk.

If you would like to learn more about our association, I invite you to browse our website. Upcoming events can be found here and on our Facebook. We are also active on Instagram. For information about how to join and fees, please refer to our Membership page.

Allez Odin!

J.R. Kist
on behalf of Board V der M.S.R.A. Odin

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